Ways to Disguise Everyday Household Items

Ways to Disguise Everyday Household Items

No matter how carefully you clean and tidy your house, there are some elements that make any room look messy and disorganized. Clearing away unsightly clutter plays a big part in keeping a room looking its best.

If something needs to remain out for easy access, then you may not have the option to put it out of sight. Fortunately, you do not need to settle for these unappealing fixtures lying around your home. With some planning and Do It Yourself (DIY) work, you can easily disguise these items.

Depending on how you use the item in question, there are many ways to cover something up. Some fixes are easy, such as hanging a decorative cover or using a storage box. Others may be more complicated and involve some basic construction work. Nonetheless, each cover-up method allows you to control the way your living space looks. This creates an added level of peace by keeping unattractive household items out of sight.

Appliance Cables

Cables for your television, stereo or other appliances can be an annoyance and create an ongoing problem until they are dealt with accordingly. Cords can quickly become tangled or take up areas of the floor and other surfaces, preventing you from cleaning or dusting properly.

Purchase products specially designed to keep these cables in check or opt for making a cover yourself if you are crafty. This could be a hollow shelf or tube running underneath your television or down the wall depending on your preference. Attaching a container to the underside of a shelf or table in which to place the excess cords is a simple, cost-effective solution to this common household problem.

Charging Station

If you have multiple electronic devices charging around your home, then move them to a single charging station to remove the appearance of clutter. Once this has been accomplished, take it a step further by disguising your new charging station with a decorative cover.

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Drill holes into the back of a drawer and run the charging cords inside, so the phones and tablets are kept out of sight. You could use a decorative box for this as well and place it on a table, shelf or sideboard. A stylish place to group these cables not only clears the room but it enhances the overall design of your room.


A radiator can be painted to match the rest of a room, but this does not necessarily disguise it or make it more appealing to look at. Radiator covers are a better option if you are unhappy with the appearance of your radiator. If you only use the radiator for half the year, then cover it with a fitted box until the warmer months arrive. You can decorate it to fit your taste and design it to function as a shelf or other piece of furniture as well.

A more open cover is beneficial if you want to keep the disguise in place while still using the radiator. Keep in mind the material you use must allow the heat to travel through. Fortunately, there are many options available for this type of coverage. Alternatively, placing a shelf or table over the radiator for a partial disguise allows it to function properly as well.


An internet router must be kept out in the open in order for wireless signals to reach all parts of your home. Unfortunately, routers are not made with the style of your home’s interior in mind. They also add to the number of visible cables in a room. A cover for your router is easy to make and still permits the signal to come through. This could be a box or the cover of an old book. Try choosing a cover that goes with a selection of decorative items or knick-knacks you already have laid out. This allows the router to blend into the rest of the room seamlessly.

Wall Controls

Wall-mounted controls of boxes, such as a thermostat or garage door opener, can often look out of place in the middle of a wall. Unused switches or outlets present the same issue. The following are two ways to deal with these items:

  • Surround the item with decorative pieces, such as photographs and paintings. Placing art in different sizes across the wall helps blend in the wall-mounted control by providing other appealing items to look at.
  • Cover the item with a painting or frame. Hang the cover carefully, ensuring it does not press against the control panel or switch. For quick access, use hinges to attach the cover to the wall.


A flat-screen television is an eyesore when it is not in use, although, any cover you make for it should be easily removable. Try hiding the television inside a slender cabinet with retractable doors or behind a decorative screen. Alternatively, use a box frame that fits over the television as a cover, disguising the screen with a picture or painting. Make sure to use something lightweight for easy removal or add hinges to achieve the same effect.

Pet Area

A bed for your pet is not only difficult to include in a room’s décor but can present a tripping hazard when left out. Tucking it away and out of sight is often the quickest fix. Look at different spaces around your home to determine an appropriate solution, such as placing the pet bed under a shelving unit, counter or under the stairs. By setting aside a space with a bed and toys, you are making a permanent spot for your pet to retreat to. A small curtain placed at the entrance could be let down any time you want to hide the space away.

Having a place to put a cat’s litter tray is equally important. A covered box with an easy space for the cat to enter and exit can be placed in an unused corner or under a counter. Choose a box, or make one yourself, that blends into its surroundings and coincides with the style of the room.

Loose Items

There are certain items you may need to leave out for easy access on a daily basis, such as cleaning supplies for your kitchen. Despite their necessity, these items make any surface look cluttered and disorganized. Decorative storage pieces will make these essentials look intentional in your space. A box or tray complimenting the décor of your room can be used to hold mail, cleaning products or loose change.

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