Moving Into a New House or Apartment

Moving Into a New House or Apartment

You have finally entered the stage of moving you have signed the lease, the inspection is complete and you are given the keys to your new apartment. It is important to look for scams and hidden fees when you are signing a lease for a new apartment, but you will need to be just as careful with the people that you hire to help pack up your belongings and move them to your new home.

Most people hire moving companies for a stress-free move. However, what many tenants do not know is that to ensure such a move, you are going to have to implement some basic moving tips. Instead of having the movers pack up your entire house, which will cost a lot of money, pack the boxes yourself.

While you are at it, clean appliances and kitchenware while setting aside any objects you no longer use. Also, make sure that you hire credible movers and that you purchase insurance. You do not want to cut corners on hiring shady movers, only to have them break your most prized belongings or completely disappear with your furniture.

Moving Basics for Renters

Once you have received the keys to your new apartment from your landlord, you are one step closer to moving in. However, you are going to need to adhere to a few moving basics, such as scheduling a move-in date with both your landlord and your apartment complex.

Many apartment complexes require prior approval from an association before new tenants can move in. If you have to cancel or change the moving dating because your association says you cannot move in on a specific date, the movers you hired may charge you a cancelation fee. Therefore, it is important to get a moving date in writing before you hire movers.

Before you move into your new home, you will also need to transfer the utilities to your name. Some services may require you to cancel the services at your old apartment before you can transfer them to your new home. Do not wait to transfer your water and electric accounts until the day that you move in, and do not wait to update your billing address.

Unless you change your address with the post office, it may be hard or even impossible for you to get your old mail after you move. To prevent any delays, update the billing address on all of your credit card and bank statements.

Additionally, update the shipping address on all of your online retail stores before moving day. By the time that moving day approaches, your checklist of pre-moving tasks should have several checkmarks. That way, you can focus more time on decorating your new apartment and not worrying about whether or not the electric company will have the power turned on before the movers leave your new place.

Ten Packing Tips and Tricks for Moving

If you do not plan accordingly, packing supplies could be extremely costly. Moving companies and office supply stores sell moving boxes, but they are usually at inflated costs.

To avoid having to purchase dozens of cardboard boxes, start collecting them as soon as you find out that you are moving. Ask your neighbors, friends or even the property manager at your apartment complex. You can also ask your local grocery or liquor store. When you find boxes, make sure that they are sturdy and not flimsy. Boxes that are used to transport bulky items are the most durable and will hold up well during the move.

In terms of tips for packing, try to steer clear of bubble wrap and other packing materials, as they can be expensive. Old newspapers are good for wrapping up fragile items like dishes and glassware. You can wrap extra delicate items in sweaters, coats, towels and bed linens. There are plenty of household items that can make for strong moving materials. Just be sure to pack every box carefully and not to overstuff or under stuff. Overstuffing can cause the boxes to break during the move, and not filling up boxes enough can take more time and energy to move.

Moving day can be costly, but if you incorporate money-savings tips for move-in day, you may end the day with a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Mistakes to Avoid on Move-in DayMoving day is often full of chaos. People are constantly entering and leaving your home, touching your personal belongings and putting them in vans. When moving day rolls around, your entire apartment should be packed and ready for the moving truck. Otherwise, it will be hard to direct the movers if you are still packing boxes when they show up. If you leave packing for last minute, you can be sure that you are going to mislabel boxes and that fragile items will break during the move.

Moving day is also not the day for you to schedule to have your utilities turned on. You do not want to cause any delays or run the risk of having to unload an entire moving truck in darkness. While you may be ecstatic to move out of your old apartment, it is essential that you do not neglect it, especially if you plan on getting back your security deposit. If you can, try to schedule your moving day for before your current apartment lease expires. That way, you give yourself enough time to go back to your old apartment to clean up. Neglecting your old apartment can result in your old landlord keeping your security deposit. Instead, schedule a cleaning time to maximize productivity. You can learn about other mistakes to avoid on move-in day here.

Learn More About Tips for Moving Into a New House or Apartment

Many tasks need to be conducted when moving into a new home. However, if you wait until the last minute to do everything on the same day, you can bet that you will neglect a crucial job. Instead of stressing yourself out by forgetting to change your billing address or checking the credibility of the moving company you hired, get prepared. Learn about how to donate or sell unused household items and how to ship heavy items through the mail. By knowing basic moving tips, you can spot moving scams and pricy packing materials and keep yourself under your moving budget.

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