Storage Solutions for Your Apartment

Storage Solutions for Your Apartment

If you are residing in an apartment, keeping your belongings organized is imperative to have a neat living space. While apartments are usually cost effective housing options, they bring about a new set of challenges for the inhabitant. Because apartments often have smaller square footage than houses, they can easily become cluttered and messy.

Utilizing certain items and practices that assist in creating storage space will keep your home clean.

Making use of storage solutions is the best way to maximize your available space. Many organizational tools are budget-friendly and simple to implement. Even the smallest spaces can be orderly and properly contain your belongings. The following low cost storage solutions are easy ways to make the most of your apartment size.

Use Functional Furniture

One of the ways to use the space in an apartment, especially if you downsize to a smaller space, to its greatest potential is to incorporate functionality into your furniture. These items offer both home furnishing and organization capabilities. A number of furniture pieces can be utilized as storage spaces. Beds, ottomans, coffee tables, headboards and additional items can provide extra space to keep your belongings.

Ottomans are an attractive functional furniture option. They can store seasonally used items or frequently used items. If the ottoman is being used to hold frequently used items, however, it should be placed in an easy to access area. Bags, shoes, extra linens or towels are examples of belongings you can store in an ottoman.

Because beds usually take up a great deal of space within a room, they can be modified to provide supplementary storage areas. Some bed frames include headboards containing shelves and/or drawers that slide out to hold clothing and other belongings. Additional items can be stored in small containers underneath the bed. To create more space, bed risers can be used to lift the main bed frame. Many bed risers provide enough space for stacking two layers of boxes.

Coffee tables are also furniture pieces that help you personalize your home while providing useful storage options. Many coffee tables have more than one level and some even have drawers. Placing small storage containers beneath a coffee table brings organization into a living room.

Easily misplaced items, such as remote controls, can be stored in these containers.


Strategically placing shelving throughout an apartment is an easy storage solution to implement. Shelves can be hung in any area to provide additional space for organizing household belongings. Additionally, shelving is generally inexpensive and easy to install. Renters should ensure their apartment places no restrictions on drilling holes into walls. This step is necessary to install shelving that can safely bear weight.

Using shelves as a storage solution helps keep clutter off the floor and away from pieces of furniture. The items stored on shelves are completely visible, so it is easier for you to get rid of unneeded belongings. Books, décor, food, toiletries and tools are examples of items that can be stored with shelves.

There are shelves available in a variety of sizes and materials to match the furniture and décor in your home. Some shelves are designed in different shapes, such as triangles or squares, which can add decoration to the walls.

Creative Storage Ideas

There are many everyday items that can be used creatively as storage in an apartment. With a little research, you can find unique storage options that fit in your living space. With these storage ideas, meeting your budget restrictions is achievable.

Vertical Storage

Vertical storage containers are able to hold a variety of items while taking up very little space. For example, hanging shoe organizers can be placed out of the way on a door or wall. Shoe organizers are useful for storing so much more than shoes. Electronics, clothing accessories and kitchenware are examples of items that can be placed in the pockets.

In the bathroom, hanging organizers are particularly useful for storing toiletries. Hair dryers, curlers, deodorant, makeup and other small items will remain orderly and out of the way. An additional enjoyable use for hanging organizers is a vertical herb garden for the kitchen or balcony.

Hooks and Tension Rods

Hooks can be utilized throughout an apartment to provide wall storage for loose belongings. Keys, clothing and pet leashes are common items that are kept on hooks. However, they can be used in many additional ways. Kitchen items, cleaning supplies and bathroom items can be stored on strategically placed hooks.

To avoid putting holes in the wall, many hooks can attach using a special adhesive strip. They can often hold a considerable amount of weight. Purses, jackets, towels and other heavy clothing items can remain stable on a hook. You can easily remove hooks from walls if you move out or would like to get rid of them.

Another way to avoid putting holes in the walls of your apartment is using tension rods as additional storage units. Because tension rods do not have to be drilled into the wall, the installation and removal process is quick and simple. Clothes, scarves and purses can be stored using a tension rod. Additionally, this tool is a good hack for storing cleaning supplies and miscellaneous items in closets.

Baskets and Other Containers

Container storage in apartments is a great organizational tool and space saver. Baskets can be used to hold specific items instead of these belongings being scattered everywhere. They can easily slide underneath larger pieces of furniture, such as beds, nightstands and coffee tables to remain out of sight. Some baskets are created with attractive fabric or material so they can be placed visibly in a room.

Additional types of containers can help get rid of clutter and disorganization in a small space. Compression bags can be reduced to a diminished size to stow away clothing that is not currently being used. Small plastic containers in the kitchen are helpful for storing dry goods such as rice, beans, herbs and spices. Even bags can be used to hold toiletries and other easily misplaced items. Be creative and research different options for containers that meet your storage needs.

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