Simple Ways to Personalize Your Living Space

Simple Ways to Personalize Your Living Space

Your home is a place where you can be comfortable and express yourself fully. Bringing the items and memories you cherish into this space creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests. There are various ways to personalize your home to reflect your life, interests and accomplishments.

Even renters can add personal flair to an apartment or home with rules and regulations for decorating. With some creativity and imagination, your home can be designed as a true reflection of who you are. Small details add to the overall atmosphere of a space. Use these simple tips and other easy decoration tips to start personalizing your living space today.

Use Your Personal Taste

Adding your favorite colors and designs in various ways can bring your personal taste into a home. Frequently visited rooms, such as the bedroom or living room, will be more enjoyable when they meet your aesthetic preferences. One way incorporate your favorite colors to a space is by painting the walls or painting an accent wall. Furniture and décor can also follow a particular color scheme.

Because painting walls and choosing furniture can be a time-consuming task, small touches bring color into a room quickly and easily. Pillows, blankets, curtains and other décor of your chosen colors and design are simple items that can show your personality. You can even express your personal tastes in a balcony or patio area if that space needs a touch of color and personality.

Another way to make your living space reflect your personal taste is by creating your own home décor. Instead of searching for a specific item in stores, you can design exactly what is needed for a room. For example, a small quilt can be knitted and framed, or you can stitch a blanket for a couch or bed. A quilt made of old shirts, a personal painting or model of your first car merge personality with home décor. This option is both cost-effective and enjoyable. Delving into your creative side can even inspire new interests and hobbies.

Share Your Experiences

Furniture and decoration adds style to a home, but personal touches are what bring warmth and life into a space. Pictures, accolades and sentimental items can be displayed to personalize your home or apartment. These items will remind you of your cherished moments, accomplishments and loved ones.

One of the most sentimental ways of personalizing your home is through family and friends. Devoting a wall to pictures of different family members decorates your home with reminders of these loved ones. Rather than choosing photos of your family members, you can ask them to send you any picture of their choosing. Each handpicked photograph will create diverse style that accurately represents the entire family. This could also be an opportunity to find older photographs and create a sentimental atmosphere when family visits come around.

Items signifying your heritage, such as cultural pieces or flags, reveal your personal ethnic history. A family tree can also be generated, printed and displayed to show your ancestral background.

Another way to share your experiences at home is to commemorate traveling you have done in the past. Souvenirs, photographs, postcards and memorabilia from the destination are nostalgic reminders of the occasion. For example, a lei received from a trip to Hawaii can be preserved and framed. The colors of the flowers can even be used to find furniture or other decorations with similar or complimentary colors. Pictures of the vacation can surround the main focal point to be viewed by guests, rather than being tucked away.

Displaying older items with sentimental value also adds personality to your living space. Memories can be shared by repurposing older items. For example, a child’s nursery can be decorated with the toys their parents played with. A vintage coffee table that was originally owned by your great-grandparents provides more personal flair than a modern table.

Old furniture items can be repainted to fit within the compatible colors of a space. However, items with great significance should be treated with care and placed in an appropriate area. For example, the bathroom may not be the best environment for an old painting because of the heat and humidity from the shower.

Show Off Your Interests

Items that reflect your personal interests can also provide personality to your home décor. Baseball cards, books, porcelain figures and seashells are examples of items that can display the different facets of your interests. These collectables can even establish a theme in a room. Seashells will elicit a beach house ambiance, while sports cards can be framed and placed in a sports-themed children’s or television room. Many decorating apps and websites can help you find the best way to display your favorite items in unique and attractive ways.

Your favorite artists, musicians or authors can also provide a source of inspiration for decorating a home. Adorning your living space with your favorite paintings, book or record collections adds a personal touch to the area. A painting by your favorite artist can be used as the focal point for an entire room. Song lyrics or quotes that particularly appeal to you can be printed out as wall decal and used as decoration.

Tailoring a room to fit a particular purpose is another way to showcase your interests and talents. Rooms that encourage a particular hobby can not only satisfy you, but also engage guests into a significant part of your life. If you are a musician, you may create a room for your instruments, recording equipment and/or personal sound system. As a result, the area is dedicated to music while simultaneously providing guests with an opportunity to share in your passion. Similarly, if you enjoy cooking often, a large dining room and full kitchen allows you to host big meals with friends.

Using corkboards or bulletin boards can add an extra layer of personalization to any room of the house. The flexibility and convenience they provide allows for a wide range of uses. A neatly organized board can show guests your interests and ideas for future plans. Different recipes, shopping lists and dishwashing schedules can be pinned to a board located in the kitchen. In the bedroom, these boards can be used to display to-do lists, event reminders or ideas for hobbies. Birthday cards, save-the-date’s and vacation ideas are also great ideas to tack on to your decorative boards.

A corkboard or bulletin board can be easily altered to adapt to everyday needs and seasonal changes. They can even be used as a seasonal decoration, to display sentiments and cards from various holidays. These items can be quickly taken down and stored as time passes.

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