The Best Apps to Help You Decorate

The Best Apps to Help You Decorate

For many homeowners, the process of personalizing a living space can be challenging at some points. Luckily, we live in a day and age where helpful technology is right at our fingertips. By utilizing the many resources available to you, decorating your living space will be much easier. Your ideas and vision for an ideal living space can come to life with the help of technology.

Specific applications have been developed to assist homeowners in effectively pursuing their home decoration plans. From supporting your DIY projects to helping you choose paint colors, any decorating projects can benefit from certain apps. Use the following app suggestions as beneficial ways to personalize your home.

Shopping Apps

One important aspect of redecorating is adding furniture to a living space. Homeowners can easily purchase items online or in store, but risk paying higher prices. To find bargain deals on furniture within your budget range, check out these apps to help you make educated purchases.


The Chairish app connects you to buyers and sellers interested in used but well-kept quality décor. The app’s curators must approve all listed items, and these individuals ensure the condition of a piece meets company standards. Used furniture and décor can be purchased through the platform. Chairish is useful for homeowners who are in need of quality furniture but want to save money. The prices for items on the Chairish app have a large range, so anyone looking for a special and unique decorative item should monitor this site for the décor of their dreams.


The Invaluable app provides users with an online marketplace where homeowners can view and bid on auctions in various areas. Auctions are useful when decorating a house because homeowners can often find unique pieces being resold at reasonable prices. Using the app, participants can enter auctions and bid on items in a live stream or completely online. If you enter an auction wisely, you can end up purchasing items at prices you are comfortable with.

Invaluable gives you the convenience of searching for the right auctioned furniture piece from the comfort of your own home. This is a unique experience for many users, since auctions typically happen in-person at auction houses, galleries or dealer shops. Additionally, if you are using the app as a seller, your items will reach a large amount of potential buyers.

Utility Apps

Redecorating often involves making measurements, completing DIY projects and developing plans. These handy apps can be used in these situations for added convenience.


Knowing the dimensions of the room undergoing a makeover is essential to prevent a cramped or bare living area. MagicPlan is an app that can easily create a floor plan via augmented reality. Users can view the room through the camera of an appropriate device or smartphone.

Rather than spending time measuring and approximating dimensions of furniture, you are simply left with planning how to utilize the space. Your energy and focus can rest solely on the determining the important decorating details.

The app also provides an efficient way to estimate material costs for painting or other projects. By inputting certain information and dimensions, you can get an accurate assessment of the costs involved with decorating projects.


An important facet of decorating is maintaining a sense of symmetry throughout a home. Uneven furniture can become uncomfortable, while tilted picture frames are visually unappealing. Even if a room is beautifully decorated, a lack of equilibrium is often the first thing a guest will notice. Ensuring you have the proper tools available at all times is helpful for successfully completing decorating projects.

The iHandy Level app can be used as a level to create even surfaces for decorating projects. A calibrated leveler provides users with angle measurements and the vertical inclination of a wall or furniture piece. Although many homeowners have a level in their toolbox at home, iHandy is useful in certain situations. If you are out shopping and find a piece of furniture that looks off balance, you can utilize the app.

Styling Apps

Choosing how to decorate a home is a huge undertaking for many homeowners. Getting inspiration and ideas from different sources is a great way to start making home makeover plans. These apps are helpful for sparking creativity within users and providing informative content to make home styling decisions easier.


For many, it can be challenging to visualize the future color and atmosphere of an empty room. Some homeowners feel uneasy or uncertain about the paint colors they are interested in using for home decoration. Paint colors are a big decision because they have to work well with the furniture and decoration in a home. Hutch is an app that can give you new insight on how paint colors will look in certain rooms.

The app allows users to virtually customize a room without the hassle of moving furniture or testing out different wall colors. Users can upload pictures of rooms in their home. Hutch then inputs products or paint hues the user is interested in.

Color Capture

For many homeowners trying to decide which colors to use in a living space, inspiration comes from outside sources. The Color Capture app, created by Benjamin Moore, is intended to help individuals find their desired home color palette outside of the store. The green of a book cover or a bright yellow flower are everyday items that could spark home color ideas. Users capture a photograph with the app, which then generates paint color possibilities to match the hue of the picture. Color Capture also generates choices for complementary colors based on the photo.


Pinterest is an app that gathers various topics, particularly home and garden decoration, onto a single platform. The purpose of the app is to organize and display potential ideas to a large community of professional and amateur interior designers. This highly successfully home-decorating tool is available online or on a mobile device.

Users can search for specific interests and create their own inspiration board by saving items, also knowns as pins, to use as references. The huge amount of topics dedicated to home décor makes Pinterest and ideal platform for home styling ideas. Many popular topics include do-it-yourself projects and ways to repurpose items for a variety of functions. Pins can link to other pages that provide more information and details about that specific item or idea.

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