Handy Gadgets Every Parent Should Have in 2019

Handy Gadgets Every Parent Should Have in 2019

Having a few gadgets at your disposal is important for your peace of mind when you have children. In some cases, the right products can be downright necessary.

For instance, a child-proof living space protects children against several risks, allowings your kids to play and move around freely and safely. When looking for child-proofing options in 2019, you have countless options to choose from. Some older child-proof products have been improved with new technology, resulting in more effective use. Others have been developed over recent years, allowing parents to try entirely new ways of keeping their children safe.

However, the gadgets available do not only keep your house safe for your child. Many also help you monitor your children’s health, sleep and location as well. This could result in better overall care for your child, and additional reassurance for you as a result. Review the sections below for the top gadgets you should consider purchasing in 2019.

Sleep Monitors

Concern over how a child is sleeping can plague any parent, regardless of the child’s age. For parents with infants, monitoring your baby’s sleep might be of particular importance to you. However, you risk disrupting his or her sleep by constantly checking in, which can affect your sleeping schedule as well.

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Sleep monitoring technology has improved over recent years, and there are several excellent sleep monitors you can use to check on your child throughout the night. Many provide live video feeds, allowing you to see your child whenever you need to without having to get up. Some use breath-monitoring technology, which serves as additional reassurance for parents.

In addition, some of these products capture and store the information they monitor, allowing you to review patterns in your baby’s sleeping habits.

Location Devices

Many parents worry about where their child’s whereabouts once they reach a certain age. Instead of checking in with phone calls or heading out to locate your child every time you begin to worry, you can purchase a location device to do the work for you. Finding small, convenient trackers for this purpose is relatively simple in 2019.

You can place a tracker in your child’s bag, or on an item of clothing. This ability to check his or her location if needed can offer you peace of mind. You could also purchase a device such as a tracking watch, some of which are specifically designed for children.

Beyond simple tracking, many parents use these devices as a safety resource. Smart technology allows you to set up a zone of safety in which your child may move around at any time.

If he or she leaves this area, you will receive an alert. This way, you may find you do not need to check up on your child as frequently, knowing you are going to be alerted if necessary.

Temperature Monitor

Thermometers are a vital item to have at home when caring for an infant. However, using a traditional thermometer on an unwell child can be difficult. For instance, it poses a problem if your child is sleeping, as you will need to wake him or her to take a temperature reading.

A smart thermometer is the answer to this problem. Parents can place this smart device onto their child’s forehead or into their ear for a reading. This allows parents to take their child’s temperature without any disturbance. Some products can even take a temperature reading from a distance, without any touch required. In addition, some products are multi-purpose, and are suitable for checking the temperature in water or food.

White Noise

White noise can be an excellent way to help your children sleep through ambient night time noises. If your child responds well to white noise, you may consider investing in a machine to provide it on a nightly basis, or for naps. This may be especially suitable for households in busy, noisy cities. However, it is important to make sure that the product you select can be set within recommended decibel levels for children.

Adjustable Gates

Baby gates are staple child-proofing gadgets. New improvements mean there are better options than ever in the 2019 market. For instance, some manufacturers are increasing efforts to make gates that fit into the style and décor of your home.

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On a practical note, new gate products are easier to install than older models. They allow parents to widen them as necessary and set at different angles. With improved tension rod technology, you may even find a gate that could be easily set up in your home that does not require any bolts to the wall.

Outlet Protectors

These are another type of traditional child-proofing products that have been improve in quality and practicality in recent years. You now have a variety of options to choose from, including:

  • Sliding guards – They allow easy access to an outlet whenever you need it. Some are sprung to close automatically when not in use.
  • Box covers – They keep the outlet covered when the cords are plugged in, preventing them from being tugged out.
  • Key-opened outlet covers – These are simple and easy to open, even more than other covers, provided you have the key required.
  • A full cover – It is designed to fit over the outlet entirely and hide it, which can prevent a child from being interested in the socket.

Spout Guard

Bath time is a popular activity among babies and small children. However, it poses multiple safety concerns for children and worry for parents. Most notably, there is the danger of overheated water and the risk of injury on a faucet spout.

In 2019, your choices for spout guards are numerous. Many are now designed with bright colors or animal shapes, providing entertainment as well as safety and cushioning. To take full advantage of the technology available to you, you can purchase a model equipped with a built-in thermometer. This enables you to check the water’s temperature and ensure it is warm enough to be comfortable, but cool enough to be safe.

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