5 Popular Websites for Finding Rental Properties

5 Popular Websites for Finding Rental Properties

In today’s world, finding apartments, condos and houses for rent can be done from the comfort of your own home. It’s never been more convenient to browse for units all across the country. 

In fact, the hardest part about finding a rental might just be deciding which website to use. Here is an overview of 5 of the most popular websites for finding rental properties. 

Zillow & Trulia 

Zillow and Trulia have been owned by the same parent company since 2015. Therefore, the two websites have similar offers. 

Both are known for providing huge databases of properties for sale and rent. Those properties range from apartments to houses. 

Zillow also offers personalized recommendations for signed in users based on previously input data and geographic locations. Trulia allows users to browse for information about neighborhoods, in addition to specific properties.


HotPads is known primarily as an apartment hunting website. Although, many single-family homes are also listed on the website as available to rent. 

It is also known mainly for supplying information about rentals available in and around large cities in the United States. One of the most useful features on HotPads is the ability to search for apartments by proximity to work locations. 

It can be a true asset to any rental property hunters looking for urban living arrangements.


Apartments.com is known for its ease of use for property owners and renters. One of the biggest benefits for renters using the website is the ability to complete the entire rental process online. 

Renters can fill out applications and even make monthly rental payments using the website or app. Apartments.com also supplies in-depth filters and tools allowing renters to search for specific features on their “must have” lists.

In addition to its namesake apartments, the following are also typically available for rent:

  • Houses
  • Townhouses
  • Condos

Zumper & PadMapper 

Like Zillow and Trulia, Zumper and PadMapper are owned by one parent company. However, the layouts of the two websites vary. 

Zumper allows users to search for rental listings easily by city. Users can select to search for short-term or long-term rentals. Vacation rentals are also listed on the website. Search results are displayed in a list with images of each property. 

Meanwhile, the PadMapper site allows users to search a specific area for all rental options, which are displayed in map form. 


Unlike the other websites on this list, Craigslist is not solely a rental property search website. Users can find all manner of classified ads on Craigslist. 

However, it does have designated categories for house or apartment rental searching. Users can browse through many listings at once from a single geographic area. 

Often, rentals on Craigslist are posted by owners, not real estate professionals. Therefore, better rental deals are sometimes available, but users must apply for rentals with extra caution.

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