Pros and Cons of Using Smart Home Technology

Pros and Cons of Using Smart Home Technology

Using smart home technology can be beneficial if you are looking for ways to increase security and improve your energy efficiency. Smart home technology can help you control the various systems remotely.

Forgot to turn your home security system on before leaving for vacation? Utilize your smart home technology features to equip the security system from the airport before you board your plan.

While there are numerous pros to having smart home technology, there are cons associated with this decision as well. Most systems are steep in price and complicated to install, and you may not be able to equip your home with your desired technology if the system you have selected is incompatible. Once you understand both the pros and cons of using smart home technology, you can determine whether this is the right choice for you and your family.

Pros of Using Smart Home Technology

When assessing whether installing smart home technology in your place of residence is the right choice for you, you must first consider the pros associated with making this selection. There are three main pros to utilizing smart home technology, including:

  • An increase in security measures, which can help protect the safety of your family around the clock. Your family can easily adjust the settings of the smart home system to their preference when they are home alone for optimal security measures. If your child is going to be home alone after school for several hours before you return from work, then you can set the security system at your office to ensure they are safe on their own. Additionally, with smart home technology, you gain the ability to turn off lights and lower your blinds when you are unable to do so yourself. This can increase the security of your home, as you can prevent potential robbers from looking into your home while you are away.
  • Smart home technology adds convenience you are not able to discern from other services. You are essentially eliminating the need for remembering common tasks before leaving the house when you have the ability to adjust your system on the go. If you are a forgetful person, then the convenience of smart home technology may be the pinnacle selling point for you. If you leave the house without turning off your coffee pot, then you can simply utilize your smart home technology system to turn the coffee pot off for you. This eliminates the prospect of you taking time to return home to turn off your appliances and prevents fires and other issues from occurring.

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  • Energy savings may increase with the presence of smart home technology. When you have appliances, thermostats, and light sources attached to your technology system you can choose when to set these items and when to turn them off. During cooler months when you may need to turn on the heat, you can do so while in the car on your way home from work in lieu of letting the heat run in the vacant house throughout the day. You may not see a steep decrease in energy savings, but you can expect a percentage off your energy bills each month with this technology.

Cons of Using Smart Home Technology

While there are many benefits to utilizing smart home technology, these systems can come with downsides as well. The primary con of using smart home technology is the cost of installing these extensive systems throughout your home. There are several systems you can choose from and each comes with its unique price tag, so you may be able to explore the options to find something within your price range. It is important to bear in mind the cheaper options are not going to offer as many features as the more expensive options.

Additional cons of using smart home technology include the system compatibility and the installation involved in placing the system in your home. For example, you may opt for having a thermostat system and a security system for your home but may find that each has different settings. This can make the process a little trickier as you cannot control both systems simultaneously from the same source. You may be able to adjust the thermostat from within your home and your security system through your phone but not the other way around. Speak with the representative installing your smart home technology to determine the best way to utilize your services.

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The installation process associated with using smart home technology can be lengthy and difficult to accomplish depending upon where you live and the type of system you have chosen to use. If you want to keep the cost of installation down, then you can opt for installing the system on your own, although this can be tricky if you have not handled this process before. You can choose to have a professional handle the installation for you, but this may prove costlier than doing it on your own.

How to Decide If Smart Home Technology Is Right for You

After you have assessed the pros and cons of smart home technology, you can decide if this option is right for you. If you want added security and convenience in your lifestyle, then investing in a smart home technology system can prove useful in a variety of ways. You can turn off your coffee pot from your office, turn your air conditioning on a timer during hot months and monitor the safety of your family while you are on a business trip. If you are looking for ways to decrease energy costs, then automated heating and cooling may be a plausible option to help you save anywhere between 10 and 15 percent on your energy bills each month.

If you are looking for a security system without the added bells and whistles, then you may choose to purchase only a security system in lieu of selecting the entire array of smart home technology benefits. You can customize these services to your preferences or you can choose to search for other options if you are hesitant about the prospect of using this technology in your home.

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