Top Automated Home Cleaning Devices

Top Automated Home Cleaning Devices

Automation is technology that can make your life easier. For many people, one of the harder aspects of owning a home is regularly cleaning it.

Whether you are the sort of person who thinks your home needs to be cleaned daily, or whether you are the sort of person who forgets to clean for a couple months, having a clean and organized space can have a significant impact on your home and your life.

This is why automated home cleaning holds appeal for so many people. It allows you to sit back and relax while enjoying how clean your home looks.

Automated Vacuuming

Smart vacuums are one of the most popular automated cleaning devices on the market today, and Roomba is its biggest brand name. The iRobot Roomba 980 is its latest product, leveraging fifteen years of automated home cleaning experience to create an awe-inspiring device. Like every Roomba on the market, you start by plugging the Roomba into its charging station. Unlike past Roombas, which relied on you manually pressing the start button so that it would begin cleaning your floor, the Roomba 980 is connected to an app. This means you merely press the “Clean” button on the app and it gets to work.

It creates a map of your home, understanding the areas it has to circumvent in order to fully clean your house. This Roomba is also unique in that you can see the map it creates. When you look at the app, it will tell you the areas the Roomba has marked as particularly dirty, which it will then go over multiple times to make sure your rooms are fully cleaned.

You can mark areas of the map where you do not want your Roomba to clean: this can be helpful if you do not want it to operate in a room where you are currently working, or if there is an area where you do not want it to bump into furniture. As well, when compared to other smart vacuums, Roomba 980 is relatively good at understanding its space, which means it is better able to navigate the obstacles of your home. This is a relief to all those users who have previously had to watch their automated vacuum closely, picking it up every time it was stuck under a sofa.

At $699, this Roomba will not be in everyone’s price range. However, the earlier model, the Roomba 690, is available for $300. It works similarly to Roomba 980, but it does not show you a map of the room, and its cleaning technology is not quite as strong as the Roomba 980’s.

Another factor to consider is how loud the Roomba 980 can get. Its noise is nearly as loud as that of a small plane as it flies over the home. This makes it less than ideal for running late at night. In this aspect, the quieter Roomba 690 is a better purchase.

Automated Pet Cleaning

Between their fur, their slobber and the matter of dealing with their waste, there is no doubt that pets can make a mess around the house. Automated home cleaning devices like the Roomba can pick some of this mess up, but if you have a cat, that does not get rid of the problem of the litter box. The litter box is a useful device, but it can easily stink up your house and keeping it clean can be an unpleasant hassle.

This is the appeal of the Litter Robot III. When your cat takes care of its business in the tray, the automated device separates the waste from the litter. It deposits this waste into a bag placed at the bottom of the device. When the device indicates that the bag of waste is full, you can simply take the bag and place it in the trash.

Though it can be useful to pet owners, its conveniences do not come cheaply. The Litter Robot III costs $800. However, unlike some other automated home cleaning devices, the Little Robot has discontinued its previous models, meaning you will not be able to get a good deal by buying a cheaper version. However, if you want to deal with your cat’s waste in the simplest and cleanest way possible, The Litter Robot III is the best device available.

Automated Window Cleaning

The Winbot730 is designed to clean your windows for you. This can be excellent, particularly if you window is located in an area where it is difficult to reach. Dangling from ropes to reach a high-up window does not seem worth a clearer view of your backyard. At $400, it is not the cheapest device on the market, but it is not among the most expensive items, either.

It functions similarly to the Roomba, except instead of cleaning horizontally, it cleans vertically. Essentially, you stick it to the window you want it to clean. It has the suction required to stick to the glass, and it moves around your window. It also anchors itself inside your home, which is an important way it dispels safety concerns. When it is on your glass, its front cloth uses cleaner to remove the grime from your window, while the backcloth dries whatever remains. While the Winbot730 can navigate by itself, there is also a remote you can use to help it clean the hard-to-reach spots. Corners are particularly difficult for the machine, and you may have to follow up its work with a bit of spot cleaning yourself.

If any of these situations describes your window, you may not want to purchase a WinbotW730:

  • Your house is located in a cold climate.
  • Your window is divided into many different sections.
  • You do not want to go over the Winbot730’s work with a quick once-over.

These drawbacks speak to some serious design flaws that the WinbotW730 has. However, if your window has large pieces of glass and you do not mind polishing it a little during the summer, the WinbotW730 can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes you to clean your windows.

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