Home Design Trends for 2019

Home Design Trends for 2019

We’re well into 2019, and even though 2018 showed consumers some fantastic and beautiful home design trends, designs for this year appear as exciting and innovative as ever.

This does not mean vintage and natural designs are abandoned. In fact, the opposite is true as 2019 embraces a hybrid of old and new styles while also making use of interesting materials you might not expect to see inside a home.

Continuing this trend, designers in 2019 look to merge inside and outside spaces by creating rooms that open and flow into a yard, patio, sunroom or porch while remaining functional and practical for everyday use. Materials like concrete are brought indoors from the outside to serve as accents.

Designers are employing more earth-friendly materials in response to homeowner requests, and color schemes are getting darker and bolder by the minute. Styles are blending together to create unique fusions. Check out the following design trends and see which you might incorporate into your home this year.

Art and Style in 2019

Sometimes trends go forward by looking back. At least that’s so in the world of fashion and design. Trends in 2019 indicate a resurgence of vintage materials, surfaces, fixtures and styles in homes. Art and decoration styles are blending vintage looks with natural elements and giving them a unique twist.

Look for the following art and style home design trends in 2019:

  • Art Deco is stepping into the spotlight and taking the attention away from a mid-century modern style. Look for its influence and presence in details of furniture and lighting set next to blended or mixed metal fixtures.
  • Vintage light fixtures like wall sconces and pendants will be dressed in both brass and copper. Fixtures will expose less light and bring a deeper mood to rooms.
  • The ’70s are back — again — bringing funky, chic and abstract designs to the center of our attention. Velvet furniture is on the rise, so expect dark and bold velvet sofas, chairs and combination furnishings to catch the eye.
  • 2018 saw a switch back to artisan pieces from local businesses, and that trend is growing in 2019. Look for more custom lighting purchases this year that make each home unique.
  • Reduction of clutter and a demand for more space and openness are driving changes in designs for 2019. In the kitchen, for example, expect fewer upper cabinets, less storage, sharper lines and remodeling to include armoires.

2019 Colors Schemes and Themes

The white and blue shades that were forerunners in 2018 are taking a back seat to dark moods and bold, deep colors in 2019.

The beautiful “living coral” color might still be the number one choice for designers and homeowners alike, but expect it to be surrounded by increasingly bold and dark palettes in many rooms.

  • Moodiness is trending, with dark blues and greens like navy and forest popping up on the walls of many rooms.
  • Rich and dramatic red hues combining pinks, yellows and greens are making organic and bold statements on many rooms.
  • Black is back, and “tuxedo” kitchens are quickly rising in popularity. Fixtures, lighting and especially kitchen cabinets are all being remodeled or replaced with a statement-making black. Expect white accent lines and fixtures to add a splash of contrast.

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  • White is becoming less bright in 2019 and is being muted with grey hues to add a touch of warmth to living spaces.
  • A big hit from 2018 – millennial pink – continues to carry its popularity into 2019. However, expect it to be set next to contrasting and warmer reds and burned or dark yellows. The pink provides the pop while the red and yellow hues maintain visual stability and offer warmth.
  • Accent walls are becoming accent rooms in 2019. Many homeowners are looking to make unique statements by painting all four walls of a room with a traditional accent color. Look for this trend to steadily increase in popularity throughout 2019.

Natural and Green

Homeowners and designers alike are being more conscientious in their choices this year. Expect the use of natural and outdoor materials to step inside and make statements in the home.

  • Indoor plants with patterned leaves take the “go green” movement literally in 2019 and add a natural charm to homes.
  • The natural trend will be paralleled by a micro-trend of natural fabrics and textiles on furniture and floors. Homeowners are looking to create calmer living environments and the visual sense being able to withdraw from a hectic life by using more natural materials.
  • Kitchens that do not get the tuxedo treatment will most likely be remodeled with reclaimed and unfinished wood surfaces. This is true in 2019 for other rooms and furnishings as well. Expect to see the grain and knots left in their natural states on vanities, cabinets and desks.

Metals and Glass

Copper and brass are trending together in 2019. These two metals are being used for accents and fixtures and are giving a warmer alternative to the colder-looking stainless steel from 2018 and before.

  • The gold rush of 2019 is not to be overlooked. Both dark and bright golds are being incorporated into high-end pieces next to unfinished woods and other natural materials to provide a regal yet welcoming presentation.
  • For those who do not prefer copper, brass or gold, two popular alternatives on the rise in 2019 are pewter and gunmetal. These metals offer a softer hue while still providing deeper and bolder visuals in home designs.

Unique and Interesting Design Trends in 2019

As expected, 2019 is not without its specific design demands. The following are just a few of the unique and interesting design trends in 2019:

  • Concrete will be brought inside to accent floor tiles and even countertops. Concrete is easy to accentuate with nearly any other material and color. It allows for diversity while presenting an image of strength and stability.
  • Canopy beds are coming back in grand fashion for 2019. With a world bombarding consumers with constant chaos and stress, the canopy bed provides a cozy retreat for homeowners.
  • Adding to the already wide variety of 2019 kitchen trends, homeowners are opting for open shelving to replace their upper cabinets. Coupled with the tuxedo black and/or natural woods, open shelving gives flowing sense of comfort and ease in the kitchen.
  • Rooms flowing into other rooms is a rising trend in 2019, especially with rooms that can open into the outdoors or brighter spaces. Patios are merged into normal seating areas and kitchens are being remodeled to open directly into decks, sunrooms and even outdoor porches.

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