2019 Home Exterior Color Trends

2019 Home Exterior Color Trends

It can be a difficult task to find out what the 2019 color trends are for home exteriors, especially if you are unfamiliar with the world of interior and home design.

Going to showrooms and tradeshows, reading the latest magazines and scrolling through the latest posts on social media platforms all take time. In addition, the process can often leave you feeling even more confused than when you started your search. Luckily, most exterior color trends are easy to convert to, unless you are looking for a drastic change.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your lack of knowledge regarding fashionable paint colors, you no longer need to worry. The following information outlines which colors for home exteriors are due to be trendy in 2019. Use this information to create the perfect color combination and statement for the exterior of your home.

Dark Colors

Combinations of dark bold colors continue to dominate the home exterior color trends of 2019. Striking effects can be achieved by combining primary and accent colors, such as:

  • Black.
  • Dark blue.
  • Dark red.
  • Dark green.

Sandy beige houses do not cause many to stop and marvel at the décor but using the right combination of stylish dark colors can make your home really stand out. Dark colors work with many types of home styles, from mid-century to contemporary designs. Colors by Benjamin Moore are particularly popular. Colors like Wrought Iron, Hale Navy and Soot can create a powerful statement.

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Dark color trends from 2018 continue to be popular in 2019. One of these trends is painting your home completely black. That may sound like your home will be turned into the Addams Family’s house but in reality, an all-black finish can create an attractive and distinctive property. It can enhance your house’s structural features and set it apart from your neighbors’ houses.

However, you cannot pull off a black house with all house styles. Black makes things look smaller, so it works best on big houses of a contemporary style with many windows.

Whites and Creams

The next color trend for exteriors is exactly the opposite to the first. White is fast-becoming the must-have exterior color of 2019. The popular farmhouse trend may have sparked this fetish. The right white can give your home a classic feeling and a striking appearance.

Unlike the past when white meant one color of white, these days there are a multitude of white shades available, so it is important you select the right one. This can be a tricky task because you need to know the difference between cool whites that have blue or grey undertones and warm whites that have cream or brown undertones. Using one white for the main color and another as the trim can work very well. Also, using white with a dark-colored trim can create a classy finish.

Typically, it is best to use whites that have a lower light reflective value for exteriors. This reduces what the paint color reflects, such as the immediate landscape and your neighbor’s paint colors. Shades of white that are set to be big in 2019 include gorgeous hues like Swiss Coffee, Sea Pearl and Revere Pewter. You can also get inspiration for how to accent whites and creams by previewing colors in helpful decorating and renovating apps.

As with whites, there are many shades of cream available. Although cream will be a popular choice for exterior walls in 2019, you need to make sure you harmonize it with the fixed elements of your home, such as the roof and shutters. Cream works particularly well with grey or taupe doors and trim and a grey roof.


For neutral colors, you cannot go wrong with greige. As the name implies, this color combines beige and grey. Although beige and grey are both popular colors to use for home exteriors, greige will lead the way in 2019.

Because greige is a neutral color, it goes well with various cladding, such as stone, brick and stucco. If you prefer a little more color in your life, you can paint features like your entry door with a bright color, such as a vibrant yellow or red. This will work well against the surrounding greige. You could even coordinate the color of exterior features with your interior colors to unify your home with a cohesive design. Some of the best grey and greige colors to use in 2019 are:

  • Metro Gray.
  • Shoreline.
  • Off the Grid T18-08.
  • Gray Huskie.
  • Adobe Hut N-C3.

The Best Colors for Selling Your Home in 2019

If you are planning to sell your home in 2019, it is not always best to follow color trends. The color you paint the exterior of your property can make or break potential buyers’ perceptions of your home. Therefore, although a black-colored house may be striking and modern, such a bold colored house could easily put off would-be homebuyers.

It is better to use neutral colors, many of which can still create a distinctive and fashionable look. Colors like greige, white and cream are perfect for the real estate market. These colors can make your home look classy and inviting. Another popular color is yellow. Nothing says happy like yellow. However, you need to avoid bright yellows and stick to pale hues. Other good colors to use for properties on the market in 2019 include:

  • Blue: A deep aqua color or a light blue can enhance the architectural elements of your home. Use popular 2019 colors like Behr’s Watery and Blue Metal.
  • Taupe: This is an ideal neutral color for home exteriors and it is on trend in 2019. The color Tony Taupe is one of the most popular choices.
  • Wheat: This color is not quite white but is barely yellow. The butter-like hue feels clean and warm. It goes well with features and trim painted in dark grey-blues and dark browns. In addition, colors like Oklahoma Wheat will practically glow next to a well-kept green lawn.

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