Four Great Home Renovation Ideas for Empty Nesters

Four Great Home Renovation Ideas for Empty Nesters

When your children move out or go off to college, you may be left with an empty nest feeling where you are unsure of what to do with the space they have vacated.

Starting a home renovation project can help you take your mind off the situation and can allow you to better utilize the spare rooms you have once your children are gone. There are several great home renovation ideas you can start working on right away to give your home a rejuvenated feel. Whether you have always wanted to establish a home gym or you want a designated area for your craft supplies, these renovation ideas can help you make the most of your space.

If you decide you want to have a parent move in with you to help oversee his or her care, then creating senior accommodations within your home can be accomplished efficiently and affordably. Choose the best renovation option for your interests and budget.

Creating a Home Gym

If you have a fitness routine you enjoy but want to eliminate the hassle of going to the gym, then consider the possibility of doing a home gym renovation. A home gym can become costly depending on the type of equipment you want to buy and the size of the gym you want to create. You can start small and build the renovation over the process of several months to ensure you are staying on budget and creating the setup you desire. If you want to create a home gym where you can do light works, then all you need to purchase is:

  • A yoga mat.
  • A set of dumbbells.
  • A jump rope.
  • A television and DVD player.

In selecting these options, you are creating a gym space within your budget and you can easily acquire these items within one day to start using the equipment.

Establishing a Media Room

When you have an empty nest, you may want to utilize one of the spare bedrooms to create a media room your family can enjoy while they are home. You can design the room to your desired specifications and install as many chairs as you would like. You can choose to purchase a brand-new television, or you can opt for buying a screen and projector to recreate a movie theater feel. You may want to buy some dark paint for the walls to ensure the room is optimal for movie night. You can additionally purchase blackout curtains for the room to add to the movie theater experience within your new media room.

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If you want to take the renovation one step further, then you can install shelving units throughout the room to house the DVD and Blu-Ray collection you have. In doing so, you are allowing for movie selection to go more smoothly by having your options readily available to you. You can wire the room with cable as well if you simply want to use your media room to watch the news each night.

Using a Spare Bedroom as a Craft or Hobby Room

When you are looking for design inspiration for your empty nest renovation you can look to your hobbies to determine how the space can be best utilized. If you enjoy sewing and have had your sewing machine and materials stored in a closet due to lack of space, then now is the time to create a craft room in your spare bedroom. Creating a craft or hobby room can be accomplished easily, especially if you have existing materials you want to use in the space.

To set up a sewing room all you need to do is purchase a new table to place your sewing machine on as well as affordable storage units to hold all your material. Purchasing an organizer for smaller items such as needles, spools of thread and buttons can help you keep your craft room clean and orderly once it has been established.

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Depending upon the hobby you have, you can select furniture and paint options that work best in the space to give you the accommodations you need to successfully practice your hobby. If you have recently taken up photography and want to create a dark room in a spare bedroom, then you can search for ideas online to ensure you are purchasing the right materials before you begin the renovation process.

Utilizing Your Space for Senior Accommodations

Empty nesters may desire to have an elderly parent come to live with them once their child has moved out into a place of his or her own. If you would like to have an elderly relative come live with you, then you can easily take the renovation steps necessary to create senior accommodations within your existing living space. You may need to make safety modifications, such as installing railings on a stairwell or a bar within the shower, but these tasks can be accomplished within a day or so. If you would like for your senior family member to take over an existing bedroom, then the renovations for this process are minimal. You can ask him or her to select a desired paint color and decorations to ensure the space feels unique instead of simply moving them into the existing space.

You may want to ensure the bedroom is equipped to handle whatever your senior relative may need, and this can add to your renovation list and budget depending upon his or her needs. For example, if a family member is prone to slipping and falling, then you may want to consider the prospect of installing carpet in the bedroom to decrease this possibility. Adding extra lighting options can help them to see properly at night when they are maneuvering around the room or settling in to relax for the evening. Certain features, such as adding a television or expanding the wardrobe, can be decided based on your discretion. Your renovation budget may need to increase as time goes on if your elderly family member suffers health problems as he or she continues to age.

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