Knobs and pulls on your doors and drawers can really show your kitchen’s age. If you are looking for an easy and cheap kitchen makeover, replacing the hardware will take less than an hour and $100 to do. 

Hardware replacement is also an inexpensive kitchen remodel technique if you love the wood finish of your cabinets. However, you may need to fill-in predrilled holes if you select hardware that fits differently.

Change Your Hardware for a Hardy Change

If you do need to reposition hardware holes, pick up wood filler, sandpaper, and the stain or paint that matches your cabinets. You can make new holes using a drill and a drill bit. 

You can buy hardware that already fits your cabinets. You may need to measure the distance between the predrilled holes, depending on the type of hardware. 

Knobs are smaller and only need one hole. You can use them for drawers or cabinet doors. 

Pulls are larger and come in different sizes, such as three to eight inches wide. They typically need two holes. You can also use pulls for drawers and doors alike. You can also choose to use a combination of knobs and pulls. 

The style you select can set the tone for your kitchen. For example: 

  •     Hive, Fairview crystal, and knurled knobs fit into a heritage or an old-fashion-styled home.
  •     Card file, pacific, and Midvale pulls have a fun, mid-century feel.
  •     Hex and Riverwood knobs as well as ledge and Edgecliff pulls are more modern. 

Make sure to consider the hardware’s finish. You can mix metals, but make sure the look matches or fits in with your other décor. You may fall in love with a handle finish that makes you want to ditch your light fixtures.

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