When it comes to a kitchen remodel cheap to moderately priced lighting fixtures can really brighten up your space. Adequate lighting can make your kitchen feel bigger, as shadowed corners receive more illumination. 

New lighting can also make your kitchen time travel to the present day. Design trends tend to circle back to decades before, pulling from the best of the days long gone. If your counters and cabinets are back in style but your lighting screams “wrong decade,” a simple switch can give you an affordable kitchen remodel.

Say Goodbye to Outdated Light Fixtures

Likewise, the type of lighting you currently have may no longer fit the space.

You may have a pendant light or chandelier that once hung above a kitchen table, but now you have to duck under when walking through the room. 

Under-cabinet lights are also a great addition to add illumination in those dark corners.

You can also put LED light above your cabinets for a fun and modern look. 

If you remodeled in the 90s and added the once-popular recess lights, you can easily switch those out for other types of lighting. Designers make pendant lights that are just about as easy to install as a light bulb. 

Some lighting options work with batteries and remotes. New LED lighting on certain fixtures allows you to change the color of your light, such as to red, green, or blue. Plus, LED bulbs last tens of thousands of hours longer than regular bulbs. 

Like color-changing LED lights, you can quickly add personality to your kitchen with easy-to-install backsplashes. 

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