Ways to Promote Your Vacation Rental That Aren’t Airbnb

Ways to Promote Your Vacation Rental That Aren’t Airbnb

One of the most effective ways to raise extra money is to rent out your home temporarily. When you rent your home as a vacation rental, you do not have to worry about the same responsibilities as a traditional landlord.

This is because your property is only being rented for a short period of time. If you want to successfully rent your home as a vacation rental, you must know how to effectively advertise your property.

Using the services of a company such as Airbnb can eliminate part of the challenge. While Airbnb is well known, it is not the only way to promote your vacation rental. For example, you can use your social media platforms as a way to advertise your vacation rental.

When you create a listing online for your vacation rental, you want to ensure you are advertising your property in the best way possible to attract the highest number of prospective renters. Everything from the way you describe each room to the pictures you take affect whether you gain interest in your rental. This article can help you find the best ways to independently promote your vacation rental, regardless of where you live.

Utilize Social Media

The easiest way to advertise your rental property is through the social media platforms you currently post on, as you have already established a presence on these sites. You can choose to create a listing for Facebook or Instagram depending upon your preference, though you can maximize your efforts if you create a unique listing for each. With Facebook, you can connect with renters you know and individuals within their social circles, but it may be difficult to reach a wider audience due to the constrictive nature of how sharing works for Facebook posts.

When you are promoting your vacation rental on Facebook, you can create a separate page specifically for your property that functions separately from your personal page. In doing so, you are allowing yourself to target a broad audience of prospective renters while still having the ability to engage with your existing friend list. Once you have established a rental page, you can share the link for your page on your personal account and ask your friends and family to share the page as well. As this happens, more and more prospective renters see your property.

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Promoting your vacation rental through Instagram can be beneficial as well. Advertising through Instagram has some advantages compared to Facebook. The hashtags you use throughout your listing can be seen by thousands of potential tenants across the country. It is important to post your property listing on a public Instagram account to maximize the amount of traffic your listing receives on any given day. Be sure to post high-quality images of your vacation rental periodically on your public Instagram account, as merely posting the listing one time fails to generate the interest you need to successfully rent your home.

How to Create the Perfect Rental Listing

Whether you are posting your rental listing on Facebook or Instagram, you must ensure you are creating a listing capable of generating the highest level of interest.

The pictures you provide for prospective renters and the descriptions you use for each room of the house must be styled a specific way or else you may not receive the attention you are seeking. To start your listing, provide high-quality photos of the interior of the home. Be sure to include each room the renter can use during the duration of their stay. This includes bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and living areas. If you are only renting one section or one room, be sure to specifically state this information in your listing.

Once you have successfully captured each of the interior rooms, you can start to photograph some of the special details found within your home. This can include a pool in the backyard, a high-end espresso machine in the kitchen or a large television in the family room. Providing details in the form of added photos and with descriptive captions on your images can help the renter envision themselves within your space. If you are merely posting low-quality images with a simple description of each room, the renter is more likely to pass on your listing, even if your property has unique features available.

If you have already had renters occupying your vacation rental in the past, providing testimonials from these renters can help generate a positive reception for your listing. Many renters are hesitant about staying in a property without any reviews. Without reviews, there is no way for the renter to ensure you are telling the truth about the property.

Recruit Assistance from a Travel Blogger

For an added boost to your promotional endeavors, you can seek the assistance of a travel blogger to help you reach a larger audience. Travel bloggers build a loyal clientele because they are honest with their customers about what they liked and what they did not like in each property. You can contact the travel blogger directly through his or her website and offer a free stay at your vacation rental in exchange for a review on his or her blog. In doing so, you are allowing yourself to gain promotion from someone who is experienced in this field of work.

You may be required to pay a fee for the travel blogger to retain his or her promotional services, which you can discuss directly with the blogger prior to arranging the visit to your rental property. If the travel blogger provides you with a positive review, you can link the review in your listing on Facebook or Instagram as added proof of the quality of your rental property. Additionally, customers who read the travel blog can contact you directly if they become interested in arranging a stay at your vacation rental once you have received positive reviews from a notable blogger.

Timing Your Advertisements

One of the most effective ways to reach a larger audience is to carefully time your advertisements. Try and find out when visitors most frequently travel to your town or city. If tourists typically come for a particular event, use this as a way to advertise your property. For example, you can mention how close your home is to where the event is hosted. You can also mention other attractions close to your rental, such as notable restaurants or famous landmarks.

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