Today’s Most Effective and Popular DIY Home Security Measures

Today’s Most Effective and Popular DIY Home Security Measures

In this day and age, you may think a professionally installed and monitored security system is an absolute must if you want to ensure your home is safe and secure.

However, there are lots of do-it-yourself ways of protecting your home from potential burglars. From surveillance cameras and motion sensors to modern smart plugs and smart lightbulbs, there are a multitude of devices you can install yourself to put off home invaders and to give yourself peace of mind. Most of these security devices are easy to set up too, so you do not need to be a DIY expert to do it yourself.

Although some of these measures can be quite pricey, others are inexpensive. There are even some security methods you can implement for no cost at all. Keep reading to discover an array of the most effective and popular DIY home security measures available for 2019.

Exterior Surveillance Cameras

One of the most popular and effective home security measures is still the use of exterior surveillance cameras. Because they are visible, they tend to be a strong deterrent for most potential home invaders. Not only are they one of the best home security measures, but you can easily install them yourself and they are relatively inexpensive.

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Before you install the cameras, spend some time deciding where each one is best placed. For instance, you are bound to want a surveillance camera to overlook your front door. Therefore, you need to ensure it is positioned correctly to provide a clear frontal image of anyone approaching your door within a short distance. Cameras covering wide areas, such as a garden or driveway, need to be adjusted to provide the sharpest picture of the furthest points in the cameras’ field of vision. Each surveillance camera needs to be mounted and angled correctly to best perform its specific task.

Motion-Activated Lighting

Using motion-activated lighting is a great way to deter burglars at night. By using this security measure, lights come on when motion sensors detect a moving object. A would-be burglar is therefore bathed in bright lights, which most thieves prefer to avoid. To maximize your security, ensure you set up motion-activated lights at all entry points, such as front doors, yards and garages. Place them especially in the darkest places around the home where potential thieves or criminals might hide.

The only drawback to motion-activated lighting is it can be tripped by any moving thing, such as animals and vehicles. Even objects blowing in the wind could potentially trip the sensors. However, you can angle the sensors so they pick up little background activity. Additionally, some companies have accounted for small animals and offer you an option. Even if the lights do come on due to moving non-threats, motion-activated lighting is still one of the most effective DIY security measures on the market.

Nest Secure

One DIY home security measure that is becoming more and more popular by the minute is: home security starter kits. One of the most effective of these is Nest Secure. It is unobtrusive, easy to understand and there are lots of options for expansion by adding additional features. The basic starter kit comes with a Guard Hub.

This is a round motion sensor with a number pad. It tracks the kit’s other sensors and includes a siren as well. Choose a silent mode for times when you want to avoid triggering the alarm. As well as the Guard Hub, you get two Detect motion sensors and two Tag key fobs. The detectors is easily armed and disarmed by entering a code.

Although the cost is quite expensive for three motion detectors and no cameras, Nest Secure’s devices are state of the art. They are also minimalistic, so you barely notice they are there. The system allows you to add plenty of features, such as additional sensors, video doorbells and surveillance cameras. In addition, you receive mobile notifications or enable professional monitoring.

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The system updates periodically as well, so you can be sure Nest Secure remains top of the security game in years to come. Currently in development is a new component called, intelligent integration, allowing it to sync with other devices. Nest Secure:

  • Is simple to install.
  • Is beautifully designed.
  • Has quality hardware.
  • Includes a network of backup features.

Convince Burglars Someone is at Home

There are many devices you can install yourself to convince would-be burglars someone is home. Most burglars target unoccupied homes, so fooling a potential burglar into thinking someone is inside your property is one of the best home security measures to implement. The first measure to take is: buy smart lightbulbs. Installing these allows you to switch your lights on and off when you are not at home. You can program them to a schedule as well. Philips Hue light bulbs are particularly good, as they work well in conjunction with other smart home devices.

Control your appliances while you are away from home by using smart plugs. These wi-fi enabled plugs allow you to control your appliances and lights. By using smart plugs to turn on your television or music, for instance, you ensure your home looks occupied. Sync some smart plugs, such as the Wemo Insight Smart Plug, with Amazon Alexa so you can control it with your voice.

Other DIY measures you can take to make your home look occupied cost nothing at all. You can:

  • Not let your mail pile up. An overflowing mailbox is a dead giveaway no one is home. If you are going to be away for a few days, either ask the post office to hold your mail or ask a friend or family member to regularly check your mail.
  • Keep a vehicle in your driveway. Most burglars think twice about targeting a home when a car is in the driveway.
  • Arrange lawn care. Arrange for someone to cut your grass if you are going to be away for a couple weeks or more. An unattended lawn is a good indication the home is also unattended.

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