Nine Genius Bathroom Hacks

Nine Genius Bathroom Hacks

A bathroom can be a difficult room to clean and organize. As you need to use it every day, cleaning can quickly get tiring. Additionally, there are many different products and items that need to be stored in a bathroom.

This can be a disadvantage if your bathroom is tight on storage space. The idea of having a well-designed, aesthetically pleasing bathroom may be appealing, but with function taking priority it can be hard to make your bathroom look pleasant.

By employing some of the hacks listed below, you can make your bathroom easier to clean and manage. You may find ways of turning your everyday items into a display, or you may be able to hide them more effectively. Quicker cleaning can help you stay on top of your to-do list, and easier storage can prevent the room from becoming cluttered. Try these genius bathroom hacks begin transforming your own bathroom.

Decorative Storage

The number of items and products that must be kept in a bathroom, ready to be used every day, can make an organized bathroom look messy and cluttered. By utilizing your decorative options, you can make everything seem more intentional. You can repurpose items from around your home to create these storage solutions, preventing the need for excessive spending. Try these storage alternatives:

  • Cake stands, or other vertical storage kitchen items like stacked baskets for fruit, can provide a lot of storage in a small space.
  • Glass jars can be used to hold everything from decanted bath salts to cotton pads and q-tips. Wide necked jars like mason jars could be especially useful.
  • Glass bottles can be used for liquids such as cleansers or mouthwash.
  • Wine racks can be used to store several different bathroom items.

Use the Door

The space behind your door could be key to making the most of your storage options. Try hanging a shoe organizer on the back of your bathroom door to hold bottles of shower gel and shampoo, or appliances like hair straighteners. Alternatively, the back of the door can be a good place to install extra towel rods, allowing you to keep more towels out to use and dry at once.

Keep Your Shower Dry

Cleaning a shower can be a tiring task, one that may need to be performed all too often. You can prevent your shower from requiring frequent, deep cleaning by keeping it dry on a daily basis. This could be achieved by keeping a window cleaning squeegee in the shower and using it on the tiles or glass after every use. By hanging your shower curtain straight with a gap on either side, you can  allow air to flow into the shower more easily. This keeps it dry and prevents mildew from growing.

Display Your Towels

Because towels are generally going to be kept out in the open, turning them into a feature for your bathroom can affect the feel of the whole room. You can make it feel tidier and more put together, maybe even with the appearance of luxury.

Try displaying your towels by rolling them up and placing them in a wine-rack, stacking them on a shelf or storing them upright in a basket.

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Decorative hooks and rails can add to the décor of the room while allowing the towels to dry more efficiently. If you do not have enough room on a rail for all your towels, try adding hanging s-hooks for additional space.

Expand Your Cabinet

Even a tiny cabinet under your sink could have its storage capabilities expanded. You can add a tension rod in the space, using it to hang items. You could attach hooks or rods to the back of the cabinet doors. Further expansions can be made by installing an adjustable shelving set inside the cabinet, or even building one yourself. You might be able to add a pull-out shelf or additional drawer.

Clean with a Broom

Cleaning large surfaces such as a tiled shower or the inside of a bathtub can take a long time and can often be physically straining. Use a clean broom as a scrubbing brush instead of a sponge or cloth to ensure you are cleaning with minimal strain. This gives you extra reach over the entire surface, and the broom head’s size can make the overall job much quicker.

Stick-On Storage

Adhesive hooks can be added to the walls, doors or cabinets of your bathroom, allowing you to hang small items anywhere you want. By attaching hooks, cords or ribbons yourself, you can make any of your bathroom items ready to hang. Other adhesive options are small containers you can stick onto various surfaces, allowing you to place items inside them.

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You can use magnets as a form of stick-on storage. Set up a magnetic board in your bathroom and glue small magnets to items you want to store within easy reach. Light objects are best for this, such as makeup containers and brushes.

Basket and Box Shelves

For extra storage, try hanging baskets and boxes on the wall instead of shelves. Small containers like spice racks could be used for items such as toothbrushes or makeup, for example. Larger boxes can be used for bottles and appliances. Large baskets could be used to hold cleaning supplies or towels. This allows you to choose baskets or boxes that go well with your bathroom décor.

Homemade Cleaning Supplies

Instead of paying large amounts for harsh cleaning supplies, try making your own. Many different cleaning options can be made by combining natural ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar. Try using the following:

  • Tile cleaner with baking soda, vinegar, liquid soap and water.
  • Glass cleaner with vinegar and water.
  • Sanitizer with borax and hot water.
  • Hard water build-up cleaner with lemon or vinegar.
  • Soapy scum and build-up cleaner with oil or cooking spray.
  • Small-scale mold treatment with tea tree oil.
  • Toilet cleaner with liquid soap and baking soda.
  • Drain cleaner with baking soda followed by vinegar and hot water.

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