Steps to Take Before You Apply for a Home Refinance Loan

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Ready to start shopping for a loan? To make sure you get the right refinance loan, start with these steps:

First, decide on your goal: Do you want to refinance your house to get a lower interest rate? Lower monthly payment? Or do you want to refinance and get cash out? Determining your goal will let you know what to look for in a refinance loan.

Next, look around online for some mortgage refinance loans that meet your needs. Make sure to compare refinance loans. Be sure to compare mortgage refinance rates as well as any fees.

Once you have a few mortgage refinance loans you like, apply for around three to five. If you apply for all within a two-week period, your credit score should not be impacted.

After you receive a loan estimate from all of the lenders you applied, compare the offers. Choose the lender that gives you the best offer for your needs!

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