Make Your Home Stand Out for Airbnb for Work

Make Your Home Stand Out for Airbnb for Work

Airbnb has soared in popularity in recent years and their newest venture, Airbnb for Work, is following suit. Airbnb for Work focuses on providing homes to business customers who are seeking appropriate work accommodations when traveling.

Businesses across the globe are looking for properties that offer more than a place to sleep at night for their traveling employees.

Not every home listed on Airbnb qualifies for the business property listings. If you want your home to stand out for Airbnb for Work, you must ensure it offers the amenities these companies and their employees are looking for when staying in someone’s home.

While cost savings are part of the equation, it is not the only consideration. Keep these essential tips in mind to help your home stand out to prospective customers in an Airbnb for Work listing.

A Great Work Space

Having a work-friendly space will be the primary difference between listing your home for a standard Airbnb and one for Airbnb for Work. The home must feature an area where a guest can easily use a laptop and access Wi-Fi. However, if you want to stand out, you need to offer more than these basic amenities. Although a listing is not required to have a dedicated work area to qualify, listings with a table or desk separate from the dining table rank higher.

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If you have a designated home office space, you can quickly increase your corporate bookings. A great workspace includes the following features:

  • A large room for collaborations or meetings
  • Several electrical outlets, good lighting and at least one charging station
  • Proximity to public transportation or access to taxis, Uber and other transportation options
  • Wireless printer and/or fax machine
  • Office supplies, such as pens, notepads, paper and paperclips


You must offer 24-hour check-in when you run an Airbnb for Work property. While you do not need to allow same-day cancellations, you can offer flexible scheduling and cancellation options to attract more customers. It’s important to simplify the process, as companies may become frustrated if canceling becomes a hassle. You should also note that a company is more likely to book with you in the future if you handle a cancellation professionally.

Flexible time limits are also a great way to stand apart from the crowd. While most businesses book Airbnb for Work for stays stays between a week to a month, there is an occasional need for a shorter reservation. Offering both long- and short-term reservations can garner more interest in your listing.

Luxury Touches

Companies booking through Airbnb often want the practicality of a home without giving up the amenities of a fine hotel. Highlight any additional benefits that your home offers. Some guests prefer properties with work-related amenities while others want an opportunity to relax for the duration of their stay. This can include the following:

  • A hot tub
  • A soaking tub
  • A cappuccino machine
  • Luxury linens on the bed and in the bathroom
  • Exercise equipment
  • A sauna


Cleanliness is essential for many travelers. As such, you may want to invest in regular home cleanings during and after guests’ stays. If you opt to utilize this service, be sure to mention that your home is professionally cleaned in your Airbnb for Work listing. Business travelers often seek accommodations with included cleanings, as it reduces what they will have to clean during their stay.

You may also purchase home cleaning devices that will do the work for you. Regardless of the method you select, be sure to post photos of the neat condition of main areas, like the kitchen and bathrooms, when you are creating your initial listing.

Proper Staging

Listings with more photos tend to attract more visitors. As such, have photos of every room and be sure to properly stage each one for maximum appeal. Photos of the work area should feature a laptop and work supplies so potential guests can imagine themselves working there.

In addition, you should declutter your home before posting photos and accepting guests. The more furniture in a room, the smaller it appears. While you should have enough furniture for proper seating and dining, do not add extra seating just to fill the space. Instead, consider having furniture that serves multiple purposes. For instance, an oversized ottoman with a tray on top can double as a coffee table and extra seating, depending on the needs of your guests.

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Furthermore, the rooms should create a sense of comfort. Adding a few simple items, such as a plush throw tossed over the arm of the sofa, fluffy towels in the bathroom and potted succulents, create a more welcoming atmosphere for your home.

A few things you must avoid when staging and photographing your home for Airbnb for Work include:

  • Having people in the photos.
  • Having food or meals on the table.
  • Taking photos in low light, as it may seem like you are trying to hide something.
  • Relying on your camera phone.
    • It is best to rent or borrow a camera for higher quality images.
  • Forgetting to identify the rooms in the photos to give potential guests a sense of the layout of the home.

Convenience and Suitability for Business Travelers

Be sure to highlight specific details about your home that make it particularly suited to business travelers. It is one of the most important features companies look for when booking through Airbnb for Work. If you location is close to the airport, the business district or a conference center, mention this in your listing.

If your home has key features that are suitable for business travelers, including a room large enough for group meetings, it is imperative that you include it in your listing. Are you near a cultural center or excellent restaurants and lounges? Business travelers often network after work hours and look for homes with great places nearby. With this in mind, provide any appealing details your prospective guests may be interested in knowing about prior to booking.

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