Many state, county, and city governments provide residents with funds to help secure housing. The federal government provides funding to local governments to distribute to eligible residents. Government websites – those with URLs that end in “.gov” – have information and links to local grant programs. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) website, for example, has resources about housing grants, financial counseling, and home improvement help.

A nearby Housing Authority can offer resources, information, and assistance with the application process. Those who currently participate in a rental housing voucher program can speak to their caseworker about switching to a home purchasing voucher program.

Where Can I Find Housing Grants?

Likewise, organizations have financial awards that applicants can put towards housing purchases and renovations. Non-profit organizations and companies distribute DPAs and funding for repairs.

However, governments and organizations may only distribute grants to certain populations. For instance, certain groups help Native Americans, veterans, and women.

Specific groups may find more information about housing assistance through not-for-profit organizations tailored for that demographic. Native Americans, for example, could seek more details with their tribe leaders and administrators.

Similarly, veterans can reach out to the Veterans Affairs (VA) administration or a local office. A veteran’s disability can influence how much assistance they qualify for, and a VA representative can assist with the application process.

An applicant’s profession and employment can also influence where they can find more information about housing grants. Check the next slide for specific program names and details that could help you purchase your new home.

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