10 free food coupon sites

10 free food coupon sites

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Going grocery shopping is getting more and more expensive every year, and it is easy to wonder, for example, why you’ve spent 150 dollars if you only went there for 5 items. Nowadays everyone is looking for food coupons, that provide discounts or even free items at the store.

Granted, not everybody has the time to go through paper magazines to cut and clip useful coupon deals. For that reason, check out the following 10 best free food coupon sites, where you can find food coupon deals, easy to print from the comfort of your home.

Some of them offer health, beauty and clothing coupons, as well as food, so you can search the website for specific categories, brands or products.

1. SmartSource

The best food coupon site is called SmartSource. It is constantly refreshing and updating coupon deals every day, which means that every time you enter you’ll find new offers. The cool part is that you can download the app and easily access your coupons while grocery shopping.

2. Coupons

The second most popular place is Coupons, which offers free food coupons with amazing discounts and freebies. Here you’ll notice that coupons are constantly being updated, and you can choose to download them in digital, printable or mobile app format.

3. Grocery Smarts

If you want to get some of the best food coupons, then Grocery Smarts is the go-to place. Besides offering you the best coupon deals, the website has a smart engine that cross-checks them with current in-store offers, so as to get you the absolute best money-saving deals available.

4. Mambo Sprouts

Ideal for organic food lovers. Mambo Sprouts will provide the best printable coupons for almost every organic item possible, as well as some digital deals for online purchases. On the website you will also find recipes, information on their groceries and cooking tips.

5. RedPlum

Remember the RedPlum Coupon Book that came in the mail? Well, redplum.com is the exact same book, but in a digital format. It offers the same coupon deals but in an easier way to go through; you can print them and add them to your grocery shopping list.

Most often than not, it gathers the coupons offered in the first two websites on this list.

6. PPGazette

Is there anything better than a place that allows you to use as many coupons as you want at the same time? We don’t think so. PPGazette is one of the few sites that allows you to stack coupon deals in order to save even more.

If you have time, we recommend going through all their food coupons; if not, you can use their search bar for specific items.

7. CouponMom

To all the moms out there, CouponMom is the go-to website if you want to access the most popular offers. It’s not just free food coupons, but also cleaning products, cooking utensils and drugstore items.

Filter the results by state and you’ll save time while finding the best local coupon deals at the same time.

8. Grocery Coupon Network

This website will provide you with unlimited access to food coupon codes and printables, which are updated on an hourly basis. The good thing about it is that it also finds the best coupon deals in your specific area, so that you don’t have to go across the country for the perfect deal.

9. Lozo

This website is loved by many as it makes the task of finding coupon deals even easier! All you have to do is upload your grocery list of the day and the Lozo engine will show you all the coupons available for those particular items. Plus, you will find free food coupons, codes, offers and bundle deals.

10. Free Coupons

This website, freecoupons.com, offers one of the best coupon deals available on the Internet. It offers free food coupons, as well as cleaning or health items, in the form of printable coupons or online codes. Whichever you choose, we recommend subscribing to their newsletter in order to access the VIP coupon tab.

These websites will save you money the next time you go grocery shopping. Happy couponing!

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