Should you work with a realtor to find an apartment?

Should you work with a realtor to find an apartment?

You may find it difficult to search for an apartment on your own either through lack of experience or due to restrictive time constraints. While it is useful to view online apartment listings, you may have more success in securing an apartment when using the help of a local realtor. Working with a realtor to find an apartment offers numerous advantages that online search engines are not able to provide.

Whether you are looking for help in narrowing down your apartment options or you simply need someone to negotiate on your behalf, working with a realtor can make the process of securing an apartment much easier. Use the information in this article to learn all the ways a real estate agent can provide services and assistance you will not be able to find elsewhere.

Benefits of Working With a Realtor

Typically, a realtor will work for a commission fee obtained from the landlord of the property. However, there are areas where you will have to pay a fee to the realtor directly to retain his or her services. You can expect to spend a few hundred dollars if you choose to enlist a realtor to aid you in your apartment search in case the landlord does not pay the fee.

The primary benefit you will receive from working with a realtor is the knowledge presented by someone who is familiar with the rental market. A realtor will help you search through your target area to ensure you are finding every available apartment for rent in your preferred neighborhood. Often, the apartments listed through online services have been taken by the time you find the listing and contact the property manager.

Working with a realtor will prevent these instances from occurring, as the agent will have direct access to updated listings and will contact the landlord or property owner on your behalf, helping you secure properties faster.

Additionally, a realtor may be able to communicate with a landlord more effectively than you would if you were to contact the landlord on your own. A licensed real estate agent will be able to access the keys for the property you are interested in viewing, which means you will have more of an opportunity to view the apartment at a convenient time for you.

Essentially, working with a realtor provides you with direct access to rental properties as soon as they are available. This will make the process of finding an apartment easier than it would be if you were to tackle the matter on your own.

Is working with a real estate agent right for you?

There are several instances in which having the help of a realtor to find an apartment is beneficial. If you are moving to a new city or a new state, it may be difficult to find a new apartment in an area you are unfamiliar with.

A realtor can assist you in this process, as he or she will know which neighborhoods are the best and which might not be as safe. Additionally, a realtor can help you to find an apartment located near your office if you are moving for work related purposes.

While you might be able to use a map online to target a specific area, working with someone who has insider knowledge of a city that is new to you can prove to be invaluable in helping you avoid the wrong apartment.

You might also want to consider working with a realtor to find an apartment if:

  • You are suffering from time restraints due to a busy schedule and you are unable to handle the process by yourself. If you work full time, have a family or have demanding commitments, working with a realtor will provide you with the opportunity to find a new apartment within your desired timeline. A realtor will find apartments meeting your criteria, schedule viewings and negotiate with a landlord on your behalf. This will save you from exerting time and effort into conducting the search on your own during limited breaks in your schedule.
  • You are looking to rent a single-family home and you are having difficulty finding a suitable unit. If you are looking to rent a single-family home, townhome or condo, you may face difficulties you would not encounter if you were merely looking within an apartment complex. Working with a realtor will provide you with an advantage over other buyers, as the realtor will be able to find listings and schedule viewings on your behalf.
  • You are looking for an apartment in a desirable location and you are unable to find available listings through a basic online search. If you are trying to find an apartment in a major city, you may want to recruit a realtor to assist you in your search. Major cities will have a high demand rental market, which means you will need to compete with many other buyers to secure a new home. Having a realtor to help you in this process will ensure you find the right apartment for you for a reasonable price.

Tips to Follow When Working With a Realtor

Once you have decided to work with a realtor, you will want to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. To accomplish this task, you will need to find a licensed realtor with a good reputation to ensure you are receiving help from a qualified individual. Additionally, you will need to discuss payment options with your selected realtor prior to allowing him or her to conduct work on your behalf. If you need to find a realtor who will accept commission from a landlord because you do not have enough money to cover his or her fees, you will need to discuss this with your realtor in advance.

Realtors commonly deal with properties that are being sold and are less likely to offer assistance to a customer who is simply looking to rent an apartment. You will need to conduct research in advance to determine which realtors in your area are willing to work with renters instead of buyers. Speaking with real estate companies will help you to narrow your search and select the realtor that will work best with your needs.

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