Furniture That Is Safe for Cats

Furniture That Is Safe for Cats

When buying furniture for a cat-friendly home, you must select pieces capable of withstanding wear and tear from your feline friends. There are ways to prevent your cats from scratching and fraying your furniture.

However, you may find it useful to select pieces made of durable materials to err on the side of caution. Microfiber fabrics tend to be a safe bet, as the materials used to construct the fabric are often puncture resistant. You can enjoy several health benefits for both you and your family when choosing microfiber furniture for your home when you have cats, which is an added bonus.

Cats are adventurous and like to climb on furniture and leap from lofty heights, so you may want to provide them with their own scratching posts to avoid any potential issues. Scratching posts are available in various shapes and sizes, and you can select the best option for your living space. This is just one method to keep your furniture safe from cat scratches.

What type of furniture is safe for my cats?

If you are a pet owner, ensuring the safety of your animal is a prerequisite when selecting furniture for your home. You do not want to purchase items posing potential danger either because it is easy to knock over or because your cat may get its claws stuck in the upholstery. To ensure your furniture is safe for your cats, you can make a few conscious decisions when picking out new sofas, chairs and other items for your home.

Many cat owners believe leather furniture is a good option because it is easy to clean, but your cat may puncture the leather if it is using your sofa as a scratching post. This could present possible issues, not least of all because your cat may get his or her claws stuck in the leather during this process. If you want to select leather pieces for your living areas it is best to choose options with metal legs as this can deter your cat from sinking its claws into the upholstered portions of your furniture.

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The safest choice you can make in terms of furniture is purchasing pieces made of microfiber fabric. Microfiber is usually constructed with polyester or nylon and is considered a puncture resistant fabric. Even if your cat decides to use your armchair as a scratching post, the signs of wear are nearly nonexistent with microfiber options. Your cat may eventually grow bored when trying to scratch microfiber furniture, as the tough nature of the fabric can be a deterrent to some felines.

In addition to being puncture resistant, microfiber is generally stain-resistant as well, which can prove useful if your cat is prone to having accidents. Even if you simply spill something on your furniture, cleanup is a breeze when it comes to microfiber fabric. If you have a family member or friend who is allergic to cat dander, microfiber furniture can be vacuumed easily and in the process of doing this, you are removing the potential threat of allergens. Microfiber furniture is not only safe for your cats, but it is safe for your loved ones too.

How do I prevent my cats from scratching the furniture?

Once you have chosen furniture for your home, you may want to take added precautions to ensure your cat does not scratch these new pieces.

One of the easiest ways to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture is to select pieces with metal or wood legs, as your felines are not able to gain traction on these surfaces. In doing so, you are protecting the appearance of your furniture by discouraging your cats from trying to test their claws on your new sofa.

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Another way you can prevent your cats from scratching the furniture is to buy scratching posts to place throughout your home to act as a deterrent. If your cat persists in scratching your furniture, even with the presence of a scratching post, you may need to take additional steps to condition your cat to scratch the post instead. To redirect your cat’s interest in your furniture, place the scratching post in areas where you cat typically likes to claw things up.

How to Protect Your Upholstered Furniture When You Have Cats

When you have upholstered furniture in a cat-friendly home, finding ways of protecting your furniture can help you preserve the quality of your pieces in the long term. Beware of purchasing furniture constructed of tweed fabric, as this can snag easily and can present a disheveled appearance if your cat decides to claw it even once. Additional materials you want to avoid when selecting upholstered furniture include:

  • Wool.
  • Linen.
  • Silk.
  • Chenille.
  • Velvet.

Additional ways to protect your upholstered furniture without harming your cat is to spray the fabric with a citrus-scented spray. Cats have an aversion to citrus scents and are less likely to claw your furniture if it has been sprayed down. You can purchase pet-friendly citrus-scented sprays at a pet supply company and you can douse any upholstered furniture in your house with it once you get home.

If you find you are unsuccessful in your attempts to deter your cat from scratching with the citrus spray alone, you can opt for temporarily placing double-sided tape or aluminum foil around your furniture. In doing so, your cat becomes frustrated when trying to scratch due to the stickiness of the tape or the unforgiving sound of the foil. It may take a few attempts for your cat to get the message to stay away from the furniture, but it is an easy and safe way to deter your cat in the long run.

For those with existing upholstered furniture showing signs of wear and tear from your cat, you can opt for purchasing a throw sheet or slipcover to place over your furniture and sofas. Be sure to pull the sheet or slipcover tightly over your furniture, as this can prevent your cat from getting under the loose fabric to scratch at the furniture again. Your living room can have an updated, clean look and your cat gets the message to stop scratching your beloved pieces.

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