Developing an Effective Home Cleaning Routine

Developing an Effective Home Cleaning Routine

If there is one common thing that many American parents and grandparents try to impart to their children, it is that cleanliness is important.

While it is true that having a clean home will make you less susceptible to sickness and allergies from bacteria and dust, it has also been studied that cleanliness and orderliness can make many people feel less stressed. This could be because when things are cluttered and messy, your brain is focused on too many things at once, and can struggle finding things in a pinch.

However, not everyone can reliably remember to clean at certain times, which can put a damper on their home’s appearance. Not too many people like visiting a home that has not been vacuumed in ages, has dust everywhere and has dirty clothes lying around. In order to combat this, it can be a smart idea to get into a habit of sticking to a cleaning regimen. This article will help you to learn about cleaning tips that can work for you, and how to make your own home cleaning routine that works.

The Importance of Scheduling Your Home Cleaning

Many of the Americans who have not prioritized cleaning in one form or another have often regretted it, due to the embarrassment of having your place or yourself dirty all the time, feeling the need to procrastinate on doing chores and more. Of course, you should not be required to clean every day, and your house should never be 100 percent spotless. This would simply take up too much time and cause undue headaches.

However, keeping your home clean on a regular basis can make you:

  • Feel less cluttered and more relaxed.
  • Enjoy having other people over more often.
  • Realize how much easier it is to get around.
  • Learn to enjoy the routine of cleaning.

While that last point may seem far-fetched to some, it is very true. By utilizing the tips expressed below, you can make cleaning your home into an event that you look forward to on a regular basis.

Is there a cleaning routine that works for everyone?

Should my cleaning routine be the same as yours? More often than not, the answer to this question is a resounding “no” for many American homeowners and renters. Not only does everyone have their own specific types of rooms and furniture to take care of, but everyone also has their own unique schedules. Some people have more time in their week to devote towards cleaning, whereas others mostly take whatever time they can get. Additionally, certain individuals may be more inclined to put up with occasional messes here and there, while others may feel compelled to make sure that everything in their home is put into place and spotless.

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While it can be a great idea to reference articles such as this in order to get ideas for forming your cleaning routine, you should have the final decision with regards to what you will clean, how often you will do so and whether or not you would like to stick with your routine.

Getting ideas from others should help you to get an idea of how you would ultimately like your ideal cleaning routine to look and feel. But in the end, you will be responsible for finding the motivation to clean, which can be acquired in a variety of ways.

Tips for Creating a Personalized Cleaning Schedule

Your home is unique, but many unique homes can be tackled with the same home cleaning strategies. While these are all guidelines that can be modified, it can be incredibly useful to incorporate one or more of them next time you need to clean. You can:

  • Start small, and maintain those small things throughout the week. Although taking on the entirety of your house can be a monstrous task, you don’t have to start cleaning everything at once. Start with something as small as wiping down your mirrors. Then, every couple of days, keep wiping them down if need be. That way, your list for cleaning day just got a little bit shorter.
  • Make cleaning fun by multitasking, when appropriate. Dusting can seem like quite a boring activity, but who said that you can’t do something more fun while dusting? If you enjoy listening to music or podcasts, those can be excellent tools to keep your brain occupied while cleaning. Watching shows or movies may be slightly harder, depending on the chore, but that can also be a great way to pass the time while staying productive.
  • Come up with different schedules for different lengths of time. Not everything needs cleaned with the same frequency as other things. While something like organizing up the kitchen should be done regularly, something like washing your windows can often be more of an every-other-month type of chore.
  • Make a big dry-erase or chalkboard schedule, and put it somewhere. By looking at your cleaning schedule and writing down the day when you are going to put it to use, you can be more likely to remember it.

Sticking With Your Cleaning Routine

Once you have your cleaning schedule written out and posted somewhere that you can’t avoid, like your bathroom mirror or bedroom door, it is time for the hard part. Sticking to your schedule can feel like an annoyance that you don’t have to pay attention to, but only if you let it. Remembering how much better you feel when your house is clean is one positive form of reinforcement, but many Americans need something a bit more tangible.

So, whenever you complete your schedule for the time period that you have set, reward yourself in a way that you would not otherwise. This can involve going to a movie, getting a special dessert or taking a weekend trip. If you do not finish your schedule, don’t give yourself the reward! This can be a shockingly simple, yet effective way of making sure that your cleaning schedule stays on your mind, and is completed without any problems.

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