9 Best Apartment Amenities

9 Best Apartment Amenities

One of the major differences with renting an apartment versus owning a home is the amount of control you have over the apartment. Even if you have a flexible landlord, there are only so many changes you can make to your apartment.

As a result, it is important to find an apartment with good amenities. For tenants, amenities make the apartment complex more comfortable to live in. Landlords enjoy amenities as well because including apartment amenities increases the value of the apartment and increases the rent that can be charged.

For tenants, it is important to prioritize types of amenities. If you only look at apartments filled with amenities, you risk paying a higher rent for amenities you may not use. When you are looking for an apartment, it helps to list the amenities you consider the most important. You can review the sections below to learn about popular and important amenities for rental properties.

Pet-Friendly Amenities

For many apartment hunters, a property owner or complex’s pet policy is the most important factor when finding a place to rent. There are a few pet amenities to consider outside of whether or not pets are allowed in the apartment. Some apartment complexes have special areas reserved for pet owners, such as a private dog park. Some particularly luxurious and more expensive apartments even have pet spas in the building. Prospective tenants may also look for the following pet-friendly amenities and rules:

  • Multiple animals allowed per tenant.
  • Regulations permitting large dogs.
  • Dog washing station.
  • Flexibility with pets, such as allowing reptiles or birds.

Fitness Amenities

There are varying levels of fitness amenities. At the simplest level is including a small gym in the apartment complex. Fancier apartment complexes offer advanced fitness amenities, such as fitness classes and related activities. Many apartment complexes combine pools and fitness amenities, using the pool for swimming laps during the earlier hours when fitness classes are hosted, then opening the pool up for general use throughout the rest of the day.

Internet Amenities

Having reliable Wi-Fi is a requirement for most apartment hunters. Another popular amenity is fiber internet.

Fiber internet offers stronger and faster connections compared to traditional connections. It is especially popular among younger renters.

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Outside of fast connections, tenants enjoy online conveniences relating to the apartment. The abilities to make payments online and request maintenance assistance through an app or online submission form are both popular online amenities.

Bike Storage

A 2015 study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau found biking as a primary means of transportation was on the rise. Biking is a great way to save money for commuters, as a bicycle purchase avoids the initial expenses associated with a car. Buying a bike also means that owners do not have to pay for gas and other regular maintenance costs. The downside is a lack of proper bike storage, which often leads to bike owners storing bicycles in their apartment. By offering a bike rack or other storage system, property managers or landlords can offer an attractive amenity to potential renters.

Community Spaces

Another appealing apartment amenity is community space. Most apartment complexes have at least a small communal area for tenants to gather. Some apartments even have a rooftop communal area, with amenities like patio furniture or a grill for cookouts. Other apartments feature a few pool tables or a large TV. Having community space encourages tenants to host events and make connections with other tenants. This is especially helpful for tenants who are moving from far away and want to make friends at their new home.

Child Amenities

Some housing communities may offer amenities to families that move in with younger children. Most apartment complexes have an outdoor playground for children, but some apartment complexes have an indoor child room as well. These rooms act like community spaces but are exclusively for children. It helps to have two separate rooms so parents do not have to worry about their children interfering with adults who are trying to relax in the community room. Having a child room is a good way for parents to network with one another. Many parents go on to form babysitting groups or setting up playdates after meeting in a child community room.


There are two types of storage space. The first is what storage is available inside of the actual apartment. Having a larger closet, especially if it is a walk-in closet is appealing for many potential tenants. Even having multiple small closets is helpful. Otherwise, tenants are forced to give up living space to use for storage. Apartment complexes often include a secondary source of storage in the complex. Some apartments have a separate storage unit for each tenant, while others convert a basement or other unused space into a communal storage area.

Transportation and Parking

There are many transportation or parking related amenities renters look for in an apartment. Depending on where the apartment is located, offering assigned parking spaces is a big deal. In states with harsh weather, especially during the winter, renters prioritize apartments featuring covered parking spaces. For some tenants, the presence of an electric car charging stations is an important factor in signing a lease.

A great resource for renters without a vehicle of their own is bus stop or public transportation access at the apartment complex. Public transportation does not necessarily have to be right at the apartment complex, but ideally it is no more than a few minutes away.

Another amenity easy to overlook in larger apartment complexes is having proper walkways and sidewalks. Even the quality of the roads at the apartment complex is considered an amenity. Nobody wants to live in a complex with limited parking space or paths filled with potholes or other hazards. Regular maintenance of roads and pathways is important, especially during the winter months.

Interior Amenities

There are various interior amenities renters look for in an apartment. In the kitchen, amenities like dishwashers and energy efficient appliances are highly sought after. In warmer states, air-conditioning is a must-have amenity. In colder states, tenants may prefer an apartment with a fireplace. Whether or not the apartment comes furnished is important for renters. Finally, renters often consider whether the apartment complex has individual washer or dryer units in the apartment, or if there is a communal laundry room in the complex.

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